Fire Ant Brewing Co. Beers

Each of our beer recipes uses only the finest hops, wheat, barley & other ingredients for a fine tasting brew. The smoothness of each swallow is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Belly up & grab a pint!

Signature Series

Hell's Heavenweizen

A wheat beer that is cloudy & effervescent with a thick white head & notes of banana

ABV: 4.6

IBU: 13.1

Cream Ale

American style cream ale that is sweet up front & finishes clean & crisp

ABV: 5.5

IBU: 20

Summer Craze Blonde

A light ale that is smooth & easy drinking with a tropical hop

ABV: 5.10

IBU: 27.4

Sand Castle Kolsch

A German style kolsch that is light, crisp & refreshing

ABV: 5.5

IBU: 26

Slam Dunk Pilsner

A classic German pilsner with an extra bite of noble hops

ABV: 5.0

IBU: 42

Fire Ant Gold

A clean, gold colored German lager with a malty flavor & dry finish

ABV: 5.5

IBU: 23.7

Telgte Altbier

An amber colored German style ale that is rich in malt taste & balanced with the bitterness of noble hops

ABV: 4.9

IBU: 33.1

Crazy Ant Red Ale

A darkish red colored IPA that has malty aroma & a good hop bite

ABV: 5.8

IBU: 60.3

Fire Ant Bock

A strong, copper colored lager that has a slight malty sweetness and finishes clean

ABV: 6.1

IBU: 22.9

Working Ant Porter

A full bodied dark beer that has a rich & roasty flavor upfront & finishes dry with a hint of chocolate

ABV: 5.9

IBU: 33.4

Market St. Brown

A roasty brown ale that has an autumn flavor with a touch of smoke in the finish

ABV: 5.1

IBU: 35.7

Destination Dunkel

A smooth drinking rich dark lager that contains a hint of chocolate

ABV: 6.1

IBU: 5.75

Mosaic Ant Pale Ale

A pale ale that is single hopped with the complex flavors of mosaic hop

ABV: 5.7

IBU: 49.4

2920 IPA

An "all day" IPA that's balanced, drinkable & not overly hopped

ABV: 6.2

IBU: 86

Double Warning

A cross between a double IPA and a Belgian strong ale. Very smooth for a highly hopped beer

ABV: 7.2

IBU: 92

Seasonal Brews


A German Amber lager with a rich & toasty malt flavor,subtle bitterness, & a dry finish

ABV: 5.5

IBU: 34.3

Phantom Pumpkin

An amber fall seasonal ale with pumpkin & pumpkin pie spices

ABV: 5.8

IBU: 25.4


A bold & full flavored American Strong ale that challenges your taste buds with malty & hoppy flavors

ABV: 7.6

IBU: 80.5

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